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3D Printers are So 2Day

3d Printers are a new technology that is rapidly growing in popularity. There are multiple types of 3D printers but the most popular are called FDM printers. This acronym stands for Fused Deposition Modeling which means these types of printers lay layers of molten plastic onto a surface, then move up a tiny amount and repeat. These types of 3d printers are being used all over the world to prototype products, make replacement parts for anything you can think of, or even just make toys for kids or just things to play with.

Most people have the automated assumption that 3D Printers are very expensive and the average person cannot afford one. This rumor is very untrue, some 3D Printers out there such as the, “Printrbot Printrbot Play 1505” is only $200 plus tax. Another issue is that people fear that 3D Printer filament is going to cost a fortune along with maintaining the printer if it breaks. There are different kinds of Printer Filament that cost different amounts and do different things. Some examples are PLA, a all natural Stiff but brittle filament, ABS a softer but stiff Filament. These two are usually relatively priced at around 20 dollars. Other types are TPU, Nylon and etc. These types of filaments cost around 40 dollars and because they are more expensive they do different things such as having flex or more strength or heat resistance. Maintaining the printer is another main issue but most people as long as you don't severely damage anything, most printer parts are built to last and will last, if treated well about 2 years. But if needed you can buy some spare hot end nozzles and stepper motors for about 50 dollars.

Photography by journalism student Michael P. in Boca Raton, Florida.

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