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by Lauren J. 8th grade Student, Boca Raton, FL

It has come to a point in time where violence surrounds us.

Taking in young children like its kin.

Showing how fun it is to sin.

I’ve seen it all.

Witnessed it so much so that I don’t know where to start or begin.

The hatred that man has created has been long awaited

We see it in homes

Deep into the catacombs of our minds

There’s no time to rewind what has taken over young people’s minds

The place they call home might as well be a hole

It’s as if they’ve lost control

Feeding off of everyone's soul

The effect lingers just like paint on the tips of our fingers

I see it, wonder why everyone else just leaves it

Constant name changing turns into proclaiming

There is no stop to what we’re creating

They insist on therapy when all they need is clarity

Once then will they see prosperity

Realizing how good it is to feel alive

Finding out different ways that they can thrive

And being able to say that they’ve truly survived

Lauren J. is an 8th Grade Student, Don Estridge HTMS

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