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Swim Clean: Pollution on Our Beaches

One of the main problems on our earth today is pollution. No one ever bothers to consider the fact that there are other species on this earth whose living habitats are being destroyed. Climate change reflects how we’ve taken care of our earth today.

Some people are unaware of what climate change is - it is the significant change in weather patterns. This knowledge is important to our society, so that we can help decrease the amount at risk. I believe that if we educate students and adults about the effects of climate change we may all work together to create a better earth. I hope to find out that when people understand the importance they will begin to contribute to saving our earth. For example, here are lists of things you can do at home to help prevent any further damage to our beaches, cited from Jessica Abraham and her blog....

  • Purchase reusable grocery bags-1 million bags are produced a minute and they take 1,000 years to degrade.

  • Give up chewing gum- gum is made from synthetic rubber and not for chewing usage.

  • Buy boxed products- Cardboards are easily recycled.

  • Buy food in bulk- using less and unnecessary package.

  • Use reusable bottles and coffee cups- bottled water is 1.5 billion tons of plastic waste each year.

  • Use matches instead of lighters- lighters sit wasted in landfills for years.

  • Don't use plasticware- saves our environment with less plastic burning.

Taylor G. is an 8th Grader in Boca Raton, Florida who loves the beach and swimming.

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