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Virtual Reality and the Z Space

This article is used to explore more on AR and VR mentioned in the zSpace Lab segment.

Virtual reality (VR) is something you are probably familiar with; you are immersed in a completely different world in which you can manipulate to your desire, in whatever world you choose to explore. Virtual reality is basically common knowledge to youths. However, do you know augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality immerses you, but in a completely different way -- it can also be known as mixed reality, and enriches the ‘familiar’. What I mean by that is that you are not transported to a whole new world, but you are enriching your reality with digital reality simultaneously.

Let me explain it better: you may be familiar with Pokemon Go (though in my humble opinion, it’s like ancient history, but you probably know it). When you are engaged and have to capture that certain creature, then the phone simulates the digital object as if it was part of your surroundings. Yes, that is AR at its finest -- digital objects in real life (And okay, fine, Snapchat and its filters are also an example of AR).

Now, the current technology for AR is underwhelming -- Google Glasses have quite a lot to work on, HoloLens are still suffering from field of vision issues, and there are still a lot to accomplish. However, it will definitely improve what we have, what we already have. Furthermore, VR has heavy and bulky equipment to immerse you to support the heavy CPU requirements, opposed to AR which can work on something like our phones (again, I refer to Pokemon Go and Snapchat). You can directly pull up assignments you need to accomplish in the corner of your eye, expand and enhance voice recognition to devices and more, and many other prospects we haven’t even thought about.

That’s not to say AR or VR is better or worse than one another; they come with their own benefits -- AR making your life productive and enriched, VR enhancing immersion and simulation. Builders can pull up schematics whenever they want to without having to hold it in their hands, but medical students can simulate surgeries and the like. What we come to favor, going forward in the future, I can’t say, but whatever we choose will be for the better. In time, I hope to be able to integrate both into our lives and improve technology.

Adriel Marie Abad is an 8th grader in Broadcast Journalism in Boca Raton, Florida.

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